Simplifying Payments

A system to empower the consumer!

...payments will continue to revolutionize because the world has become digitized...

Revolutionizing the way you make payments

Payer Benefits:

  • Account info is protected
  • Easier to access payment universe
  • Faster, safer, more convenient, better, cheaper
  • Accepted Everywhere

Payee Benefits:

  • No Capital Costs
  • No liability
  • All PCI goes away
  • Focus on your customer

Our Team of Expertise

Established in 2009, the Fotec Group was created by a select group of innovative payments experts to evaluate and develop payment offerings for the world’s evolving marketplace. Now a family owned and operated company, The Fotec Group will use its bright ideas, humility, integrity, appreciation and traditional values to be the company at the forefront of the payments industry.

The Fotec Group will be the leading payments system and mobile wallet solution for all payers and payees in the global marketplace. Offering a safe, fast, convenient, flexible, and affordable solution, Fotec brings the missing piece to the table! Fotec will always strive to do the right thing, serve a purpose and leave a long-term legacy. Fotec is revolutionizing the payments industry. It is time!

Charles T. Fote, Founder and CEO

Charles T. Fote, Founder and CEO

Prior to creating the Fotec Group, Charlie Fote spent 30 years in ascending roles at First Data Corp., a Fortune 250 electronic payments company. He retired as Chairman and CEO in 2005. Through his leadership, he spearheaded double-digit growth at this global firm dramatically expanding First Data and Western Union around the world through aggressive growth strategies and acquisitions such as TeleCash in Germany, Cashcard in Australia, Europrocessing International and First Data Hellas in Greece.

Fote joined First Data in 1975. During his tenure, he grew First Data from an $11 million U.S. spinoff from American Express to a $12 billion global payments powerhouse. In the late 1980s, he helped create MoneyGram. Under Fote’s leadership, First Data merged with First Financial Management in 1995, owner of a bankrupt Western Union, and grew the global money transfer company into a $4 billion business unit. Prior to joining First Data, Fote was Vice President of Operations for Framingham Trust.

Fote is Chairman of the Board of Accretive Technologies Inc. and serves on the board of Payfone. He is also head of the Fote family foundation and serves on the board of Project C.U.R.E., a nonprofit, humanitarian relief organization.


Kristi Fote, Vice President

Kristi Fote, Vice President

As Vice President, Fote is serving in multiple roles on the Fotec management team. She is currently leading Fotec's operations, business strategy & development efforts, as well as all marketing, communications and community relations efforts. She is responsible for creating successful, long-term business relationships to ensure company growth. She brings over 10 years of diverse corporate experience to the Fotec Group.

Fote is involved with a variety of philanthropic organizations, including: Global Down Syndrome Foundation, Volunteers of America and the Alzheimer’s Association.


How it Works

It's this simple and easy. The payer initiates the payment using a favorite digital device. Fotec accepts the request, talks to the payer's financial accounts and processes the payment. The payee accepts the payment without ever seeing secure information. Revolutionary!

Chooses the favorite digital device, picks the payment source and starts the process.


Manages the payment handshake.


Confirms and delivers the payment.

Funding Source

Accepts payment and delivers the goods.


  • “Consumers will drive the product request and then the suppliers will supply the offerings”
    - Charlie Fote