It's Your Money.

Now, it’s your decision.

Fotec delivers the full spectrum of electronic payment solutions to the market place, offering greater convenience and access with increased security.

Ever want access to your entire payment portfolio?

The Fotec solution empowers the consumer by providing access to your entire payment universe. Just think, your entire wallet at your disposal from any means of telecommunication. And now, the payee and payer work even closer. The revolution is coming. Don’t miss the wave. Fotec will change the world one transaction at a time.

Revolutionizing the way the world makes payments.

Fotec allows you to access your payment universe from any wired or wireless device quickly and securely. Imagine never signing another receipt, showing an ID or answering “Debit or credit?”. Sounds amazing, right. Use your favorite digital device to initiate the payment. The payee simply waits for payment confirmation from Fotec. Once the payee receives payment notice, you are out the door and on your way. In fact, the payee never sees your account information or even the account that you used. It’s the easy and that secure. Learn More

It’s a new way to pay:  On your terms!

Fotec’s new payment model allows the payer to choose every payment transaction. The days of the payee telling the payer their preferred method of payment are ending. It’s not just for traditional payment methods. Use your loyalty points, credit cards, money market accounts, checking accounts or any real account funding source.

Case Study:

Wanting a more convenient way to pay, Sally’s savvy friend introduces her to a revolutionary new product called Fotec. After easily registering online in her office, Sally’s new account is activated. She downloads a cool new app to her phone and Sally is ready to pay anywhere, anytime using the method of her choice. A few days later, Sally is walking her dog in the neighborhood and finds an amazing estate sale. A quick browse reveals a vintage mirror, just like the one her grandmother had when she was a child. Holding only her keys, phone and dog leash, Sally remembers her great new Fotec application. Sally explains the simple digital transaction to the owner. With the owner’s permission and phone number, Sally transfers the funds directly into the owner’s wireless account. Smiling, the owner shakes her head and says “Now, I may have seen it all.” Sally graciously thanks the owner and walks home with a very cool vintage mirror.